Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Little Trendstar!

Can we please give a warm cupcakeMAG welcome to our newest oh-so-fab sponsor, Little Trendstar!  The Little Trendstar® brand is dedicated to creating fashion-forward tees and onesies that demand a second look! 

A little note from Little Trendstar:
We think kids t-shirts should be as fun and stage-worthy as kids one-of-a-kind personalities. Our designs are all about capturing attention by focusing on bold, creative graphics and lots of style. 
All of our t-shirts and onesies are screened with non-toxic, water-based inks and are made of 100% cotton!
{ummm...can we say love?}

We can't thank Little Trendstar enough for supporting cupcakeMAG! 
Make sure you head over now to check them out!
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Want to be a cupcakeMAG sponsor? 
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are currently finishing up our Holiday Gift Guide for Littles! Our very first online issue is packed with goodies that make oh-so-perfect gifts. Take a peek below at one of our favorite pages!

{Click above to enlarge!}
Stay tuned for our first Holiday issue soon! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We LOVE it and YOU can WIN it! Mountain Buggy's Terrarin and Freerider with Connector

{sophisticated & sleek. it makes you look even better when jogging on-the-go}
Yes, it's official. Officially genius! Mountain Buggy has brought us the terrain, all-terrain jogger and well, it's hot! Not to mention -- it's the official stroller for Baby Boot Camp and is used by professional runner, Kara Goucher, who came in 5th at the Boston Marathon. As a runner - this stroller will become your new best friend. We were beyond shocked at how well it transitions from grass to pavement from the boardwalk to the beach. Yes, we said it -- the beach! What other jogging stroller do you know makes running on the beach easy? Mountain Buggy's Terrain does it! See why we said genius?! Not a runner? The Terrain gives you reason to start.

The Mountain Buggy terrain ($499) blows all joggers out of the ball park with it's 16-inch, all-terrain tires. Snow, sand, grass - you name it, it plows right on through with no problems. Not to mention the 3-mode front weel can be locked back or forward, or left in the full swivel postiion. Don't worry about your Littles head bobbling back and fourth and all over the place. We found, because of the adjustable tracking and shock absorbing suspension system - they are in for a oh-so-smooth ride. With an adjustable seat position from full recline to upright they can enjoy the not-so-bumpy ride. And never worry when dodging traffic in the city or loosing control on a trail because the hand operated active brake easily helps control speed. 

Benefits as a Runner: Avid jogger? This is perfect for roads to trails! The all-purpose tread on the tires give you excellent traction over uneven surfaces. You can even adjust the handle to fit your height! 

Perfect for Walkers:  No more struggling through rough and hilly terrain. Take hikes without a struggle! Walk quickly without worrying over little bumps in the sidewalk! The terrain buggy makes walking a breeze.

We {LOVE} the little features too. Bottle holder and peek-a-boo flap complete the package. 
See for yourself why we are pretty much (okay, we are!) obsessed with the terrain. Watch the video here!

Now, it gets even better with the Freerider! While one rides in the stroller another Little can grab a free ride. The Freerider stroller board ($99.99) attaches via a connector that fastens to the rear axle of the buggy and let's your Little ride close! They will just love it. But than, it gets better, yet again! (is that even possible? oh, yes!) The quick release button attaches and detaches stroller board from the connector so they can ride freely if desired. Best invention ever! No more having to push the stroller and carry the bike when your Little gets tired. The freerider does it all for you. The connector can even be positioned anywhere on the rear axle -- so change it up when needed. We love the rear wheel brake when in scooter mode, grip pad, and anti-slip surface too! Safety first, always. It is pretty amazing how the freerider followed our buggy in every and any direction. Yet, the 2-mode rear wheel castor easily became fixed for scooting. You can quickly get it out the way when not in use - just toggle to fasten it up! Check out this video and see why we think it's the coolest thing ever! Comes in four colors - orange, pink, blue and black. 

{details: freerider max weight, 20kg. free rider connector 2 compatible with phil&teds classic, sport, hammerhead, explorer and verve buggies, Bugaboo Cameleon,BOB Revolution (not compatible with CE versions), Britax StriderPLUS, Easywalker Duo}

Read on to enter to win not just the Mountain Buggy Terrain but the freerider and connector #2! Over $600 worth of swag for one very lucky reader!

{Mountain Buggy sent us items to review. The opinions expressed in this review are strictly cupcakeMAG opinions & we were not paid to show our love.}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh for the love of the Puj tub!

Ok, so we are all about the Puj tub. It is the best baby bath time invention - umm, ever! Pretty much a revolutionary (yep, we said it!) way to bathe your Little! It simply makes your life 110% easier.
Most parents are breaking their back learning over their bath tub, and basically - getting so wet from bath time mess - you will probably need a bath next. Bath time becomes a chore rather than a relaxing time with your little. This is when the Puj tub comes into play! It is so easy to set-up you can do it while you're holding your Little. Yes, we do not lie! 

When you experience your first bath with the Puj tub you will agree when we say it's the quickest, easiest bath ever. All you have to do is snap it together in two simple folds and place it in the sink -- time to get your bath on! It's oh-so-super-lightweight, easy to use and store for infants up to six months. The soft piece of foam that fits in your bathroom sink is what we needed five years ago -- just so convenient!

Another reason we are oh-so-in-love with the Puj tub? It stores perfectly in the towel rack in the bathroom or hangs behind the door! Unlike other infant bath rubs (that take up an entire shower!) the Puj tub lies completely flat and out of the way. And, no worries when it comes to cleaning the Puj tub - it's made of an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial material that virtually does NOT need scrubbing! Not to mention, the super soft flexible materiall just wraps around your Little - no cold surface like other infant bath tubs.

So, let us sum it up for you. The Puj tub doesn't break your back, doesn't take up the entire bathroom, doesn't need to be scrubbed, delicate on sweet baby skin and is easier than saying your ABC's! What's not to love? Head over to Puj tub and get yours now. While you're there, buy one for your BFF or as a gift for a Mom friend! We are sure you will thank us later!

Check out what Kelly Rippa and Rachel Ray said about it on The Rachel Ray show!  Make sure you LIKE Puj tub on Facebook too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommyhood to Hollywood Interview with ME!

I finished up in interview with the lovely Founder of Mommyhood to Hollywood, Michelle yesterday! It was one of my favorite interviews I have ever done. I really enjoyed answering the questions and giving my readers a little peek into my life! I announced new things coming to cupcakeMAG too.

So head over to Mommyhood to Hollywood now and read it! Leave me some comment love if you can. I would LOVE to know what you learned about me! While you're there cruise around the FABulous Mommyhood to Hollywood site! {BIG THANKS to Michelle!}

lots of love cupcakes!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

cupcakeMAG shops -- fort & field


Yesterday we showcased our FABulous Pink Silhouette 1st Birthday Party that was featured on Pizzazzerie. Well, today we are taking a closer look at one of the FABulous ladies who helped us pull it together! fort & field is one of our favorite places to shop for unique party supplies and more!

The oh-so-sweet centerpieces from the party were completed with with pink paper millinery flower bunch ($2, per bunch) and milk glass vases. Urn Vase was from the amazing Vntage Queen on Etsy. The pink bunches gave just the right amount of color while keeping to the simple color scheme. Simply adorable for parties! 

fort & field has really great bags too! We placed stickers from WH Hostess on their light pink paper bags with glassine lining ($4, per 12) so guest could fill them with candy and have a treat to go! 

And let's not forget the best treat of all -- ICE CREAM! fort & field has the perfect pink spoons and bowls for little hands -- and we mean perfect!

We just can't get enough of their vintage straws too! 
We like to have these around the house just because they are soooo cute! 
Who doesn't love pink straws? 

 Jessica of fort & field deserves a HUGE thanks! 
Shop Fort & Field for all your party needs! 
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