Friday, April 29, 2011

NEW SPONSOR -- POSH PICKLE -- Oh-So-Cute Smocked Clothing!

We have a NEW cupcakeMAG for Littles Sponsor and well, 
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Check out the brand new shop, Posh Pickle! 

Posh Pickle has some of the sweetest smocked dresses around for the best prices! 

{how much do you LOVE this dress?}

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catching Up with Lindsay Banner of Banner Boutique, PLUS an amazing $150 giveaway!

Lindsay Banner isn't just the designer behind the most beautiful headbands on Etsy - she is one of the nicest people we have ever worked with and just truly, amazing. Down-to-earth, so sweet, and a busy momma of 3 - Lindsay somehow finds time to run her biz, Banner Boutique. Banner Boutique is our go-to place for those oh-so-chic headbands for our Littles. We absolutely LOVE and are kind of obsessed (okay, we are obsessed!) with Banner Boutique.

{1} Since we last chatted with you, what is new with Banner Boutique? 

Since we last chatted, I think we have more than doubled our staff...and I have somehow been able to balance my life a bit better because of it! We now have an operations manager who over sees everything! Amy handles customer service and the processing of all orders, coordinating all of our employees who makes each piece and most importantly has allowed me to go back to being a mom first and business owner second! She is detail oriented and loves to make each of our customers beyond thrilled with their experience at Banner Boutique!

{2} Do you currently have a favorite item in the shop? Best-seller? know that's like asking me to pick a favorite child!! ;) One of our new best sellers (because it's such a screamin deal) is the shabby chic rose headbands. I am LOVing the America and the Gigi as well!! ;) We made the Gigi along with several other headbands for Kim's (TomKat Studio) daughter's 4th birthday party! These have been fun!

{Banner Boutique featured on The TomKat Studio}
{3} What is the best part of having your own business?

The best part...if I'm being totally honest...the tax write off and Jeni!! Jeni is my go to girl! She is my second set of hands, and every week, she comes to my house between 3-5 times a week and helps me from 8:30 am to 11:30 am with whatever I need help with...whether I need help getting the dishes loaded into the dishwasher, help getting the house just picked up and back on track, help with organizing the garage, help with a big project for Banner name it, she can do it!! Having Jeni help to make up the difference for the things I sometimes fall behind on due to having a business is what allows me to still be the mom that I want to be. She is what allows me to not have to have child care for my kids because she helps to keep me caught up in life. I generally will work alongside her...we tag team the house and get it done 4 times as fast because you all know how much easier it is to tackle projects when you have someone to work alongside you!! ;)

{we LOVE this super cute bright headband for Spring!}
{4} What tips do you have for other Etsy sellers to really take-off and make their biz grow?

Make sure you have a product that stands apart from the others, make sure you have GREAT pictures, make sure you are charging enough to actually cover your costs, your time away from family etc. to truly make it worth it.

{cupcakeMAG fave: The Audrey Vintage Raw Silk Headband}
{5} As a mom, what advice do you have for others in your position - running not just a business but a family?

Something I quickly learned the hard not try and work while your kids are awake or around. I truly don't even try to work unless my kids are either at school, napping, or sleeping. It is far easier for me to be 10 times as productive if I set a certain schedule for myself around my kids' schedules instead of trying to work while they are around. The last thing you want is for your kids to grow up thinking your business is the priority and not them. It would break my heart to think my kids would ever think they are not first priority in my life.

{6} What are some of your favorite blogs to read or sites?

To be truly honest, I really don't get to read too many blogs/sites etc. I have to be so focused when I sit down to work that it doesn't allow for too much "surfing"...however, if it's the weekend and I do get a few golden moments to surf I love Pioneer Woman, TomKat of course, cupcakeMAG ever since we were fist featured and "found each other", Save the Date for Cupcakes and anything Martha Stewart!

{from The Vienna Collection -- LOVE!}
{7} When you aren't working hours making beautiful hair accessories, what can we find you doing? 

I can typically be found at Target, in my car running LOTS of errands, or at home...that's pretty much me!! ;)

{8} What is up next for Banner Boutique? 

We are working on some BIG changes around here!! I pray they don't take too long...but we have all kinds of fun things in store...a new website will debut them the not too distant future!! Stay tuned for sure!!! ;)

Get your shop on at Banner Boutique and make sure you enter the giveaway below! Make sure you "LIKE" Banner Boutique on Facebook too -- they offer great sales on their Facebook page and check out the Banner Boutique blog!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Littles Love Marlee and Noah! Plus a giveaway!

Marlee & Noah is one of the lines we wish we would have had years ago - the ones you immediately fall in love with and never want to run out of stock. Yep, that is Marlee & Noah

Meet Marlee & Noah - a mom who set out to create a line of all natural and organic products for not just herself but her Little Noah too! Ever since Marlee sent us a sampling of goodies from her live we have been in love with Marlee & Noah. Our faves? We can't get enough of all of the products for Littles -- we especially love the Washies for Baby. As for their amazing products for YOU - we are absolutely obsessed with the Foot Creme but really, we love the whole line! 

Read on to get to know Marlee and how she made her dream come true! Enter the FABulous giveaway too!  

{super sweet Marlee and her super cute Little, Noah}
{1} Tell us a little about yourself and your FABulous line of goodies!

I would love to!  I live in sunny Florida, and am a work-from-home mother to the most amazing little man!  Noah just turned 2, and having him pretty much changed everything about my life!  Before I had Noah I never really put too much thought into organic products, toxins, or chemicals...all of the things that I am now obsessed with!  As for my FABulous line of goodies...Marlee & Noah is a line of 100% natural and organic products for babies, children, and mothers, and women.  With all the things that parents have to worry about these days, something as simple as having products for yourself and your children that you know you can trust is so important.  I'm really proud of our line and am so excited for your readers to learn more about it and hopefully give it a try!

{2} At one point did you know you wanted to make Marlee & Noah come to life and share it with the world?

When Noah was born I so overwhelmed by all of the products that were available, even for something as seemingly simple as a bath. I chose a product that was readily available and had been around for years, I figured that millions of Mom's had used it, so it must be fantastic.  Within minutes of Noah's first bath he broke out in welts and rashes.  After that, I started researching everything that I put in, and on his body.  There were a ton of "natural" products on the shelves, but they didn't seem to work any better on his  sensitive skin.  That's when I went to "Absolutely Natural", I had used their products in the past and loved them and I knew that they held themselves to the highest of standards and quality.  They did some testing and found out that so many of those "natural" products were loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins.  We thought that babies and moms deserved a better line of products, so together we created "Marlee & Noah".

{3} What is your favorite product? And, what is your best seller?

It's so hard for me to choose!!  I love all of our products, but I am so proud of our baby line. All of our products are loaded with high-end organic ingredients that clean and nourish but are still gentle enough for a newborn's skin.  Mom's have had great success using it on babies with extremely sensitive skin, eczema, and allergies.  Not to mention how phenomenal they smell! I have had people tell me that their daycare called to ask what products they use because their babies smell so good! Our best seller has been the body lotion, it's moisturizing but not greasy at all, and the smell is so yummy!  The Washies have been a huge hit too!  Our best seller for moms has been the body butter, it's such a lifesaver for dry skin!

{4} Why did you decide to go all natural and organic? We love that you are eco-friendly!

It is super important to us that if we use the words "natural" or "organic" we can stand by that.  There are so many products on the market and I think that manufacturers take advantage of people, especially parents, and throw those words around in order to gain peoples trust. 97% natural is not natural, 1 organic ingredient does not make a product organic.  Our line doesn't sacrifice luxury or quality in order to be eco-friendly.  Our products are 100% natural and organic, and still smell amazing and work better than anything out there.

{5} What is up next for Marlee & Noah?

Just getting the word out about our products is a huge part of our plan!  It's confusing to stand in an aisle and try to pick the product that you think is best for yourself or your child.  If we can make that choice a little easier then we have done our job.  In the next few years I hope that we continue to grow and add more products to our line. Feedback from our customers is a huge guiding force for us, so if anyone has any comments or suggestions we would love to hear them!

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The winner was announced via Twitter & emailed.}

Friday, April 22, 2011

Petit Couture: Obsessed? Maybe just a tad. Plus a giveaway!

Petit Couture is one of those must-have brands in our Littles wardrobe and we mean, must-have. Ever since we first laid our eyes on Petit Couture we have been obsessed. But right now we can't get enough of the Simone Pleat Dress  (below) in super chic Mod Grey/Yellow - it is beyond a NEED is your mini fashionistas wardrobe. Because who said you can't be the most stylish Little on the playground? The only think we would like more -- if it came in our size. 

Read on to get all the details on Petit Couture as we catch-up with Designer/Founder Rebecca! 
Plus, make sure you enter to win the giveaway too! 
{1} What is new with you & Petit Couture since we last chatted?
Petit Couture has grown in distribution and collection since last we spoke. I'm so excited about our current Spring/Summer pieces and to report that we have retailers in three countries! It's a great feeling knowing that our pieces are well-travelled :). Petit Couture has also been spotted in Hollywood and our friends "The Guncles" routinely have Simone wearing Petit Couture. We're honored and so happy that our brand is loved. In addition, due to the visibility Petit Couture has received, I've been asked to guest blog with amazing groups like Launch HER and companies like Shutterfly. And, I've recently accepted a role with GrowsUp leading their marketing efforts and help other mom-based, or dad, boutique businesses flourish. 
2.) Can you tell us about the latest collection?
The Spring/Summer '11 collection is a culmination of textures and silhouettes that are modern yet classic. Petit Couture stands for pieces that celebrate childhood, yet are sophisticated for moms, dads and grands. The color palette rich with gorgeous reds, yellows, pink, white, black and grey are a fun, vibrant mix of modern colors that can transcend a season. Our Peruvian sweaterknits are the perfect layering or basic piece for comfy looks that are totally washable. And, our woven skirts and dress make for an easy wash and wear look that are fun to wear and easy to move in. I'm really proud of the collection and the myriad of ways that retailers can merchandise and customers can select favorite pieces to mix and match.

{Rebecca's FAVE!}
3.) Do you have a current favorite? 

My personal favorite ensemble is our Peruvian sweaterknit boatneck sweater paired with our ruffle wrap skirt. I absolutely LOVE IT and think it is a fabulous rendition for littles of the 70s. I think every stylish tot should have this outfit.Our bestseller and another favorite too, has been our Simone Pleat Dress and it is greatly loved by kids and parents alike. 
4.) What is up next for Petit Couture

Petit Couture will launch our next Spring/Summer '12 collection to the trade later this summer with pre-sales available to the public in October. In stores/online in February '12.

{All Things Petit Couture}

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Sponsor Week!} Atutudes joins us plus win a tutu!

We first came across Atutudes on Etsy when we featured them in our Under the Sea Birthday Feature a few months ago. We immediately fell completely in love with their work. They are simply amazing and we adore them to pieces! 

{How cute is this Bubble Gum Ball Tutu? $24.95}
{From Atutudes}

We are passionate about our handmade tutus. It is truly a joy to create them for your princesses. Our tutus are suitable for dress up, birthday parties, photographs, holidays, dance recitals, gifts and so much more. The sky's the limit! 

{Hot Pink Tutu Dress, $39.95}
We are so excited to have Atutudes as a cupcakeMAG for Littles sponsor & are thrilled to have them join the FABulous sponsors on our sidebar! Make sure you check them out below & enter to WIN A TUTU! 

{we LOVE this Pink Poodle Tutu Skirt, $24.95}

{All Things Atutudes}


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Sponsor Week} Say Hello to Yes, Teacher!

We are thrilled that Yes, Teacher! on Etsy found us! Yes, Teacher! Crafts is just one of our FABulous cupcakeMAG sponsors! As you know, from previous post, we are obsessed with all things stationary & paper goods so naturally we adore Yes, Teacher! Not only does the FABulous Sarah makes super cute hand made cards and mini-notes but she also has a pretty awesome blog. Check it out here & follow along!  

Have your Littles pick you up one of these......
{hint, hint to the husbands out there!}

{Handmade Mother's Day Card}

{Perfect for writing LOVE NOTES in your Littles lunch box!}

All Things Yes, Teacher! 

We can't thank Yes, Teacher! enough for supporting cupcakeMAG! 
Make sure you head over to Etsy and make them a favorite! 

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Monday, April 18, 2011

GET IT NOW: Anders Ruff Easter has SPRUNG Printable Collection

You may have already spotted the Easter has Sprung collection over on Hostess with the Mostess. Well, if you haven't - check it now! You only have a few more days to get it on sale for only $15! Add a little FABulous to your Easter with this collection from Anders Ruff Custom Designs. We are lovin' it! 

{Modern "Easter Has Sprung" Party Theme on Hostess with the Mostess}

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sponsor Week -- Sugarsticks Parites & a FAB giveaway!

Sponsor Week at cupcakeMAG continues with Sugarsticks Parties! We can't thank them enough for supporting cupcakeMAG! We just adore our sponsors so much! Have you noticed Sugarsticks Parties on our sidebar? If not, you will know them now! 

Sugarsticks Parties is your go-to shoppe for making your Littles party just perfect! 

All Things Sugarsticks Parties

Read on to enter our FABulous giveaway from Sugarsticks Parties! ($100 value!)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sponsor Week -- Posh Lil Piggies plus a GIVEAWAY!

Meet one of our FABulous Sponsors - Posh Lil Piggies
Your Little fashionista will look SO FABulous in a pair if star-studded Posh Lil Piggies!
They are simply, the cutest. 
We are so thrilled to introduce them to our readers. 
Make sure you check out their Etsy Shop and enter the giveaway below! 


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Win a Little House by Annette Tatum 3-Piece Crib Bedding of choice!

You may remember reading all about the lovely Annette Tatum a few months ago. If not, refresh your memory and head over to cupcakeMAG to read our chat with the designer.

Thanks to Annette we are giving our readers the perfect Easter surprise! Ready for it? We are giving you the chance to win a 3-Piece Crib Set, a $350-360 value of your choice. The choices are endless so head over to Annette Tatum now and tell us what crib set you just adore! Don't have a Litttle yet? Annette Tatum Crib Sets make the perfect gift for a friend expecting. Who wouldn't LOVE them?

{Bingo Petal Three Piece Crib Set, $360}

Enter this FABulous giveaway below!

Friday, April 8, 2011


One of our favorite Etsy shops, Banner Boutique is offering a super-adorable Easter value pack that you won't want to miss! $64 worth of product for only.....$39.95! 

Seriously, this is one AH-MAZING deal! 

AND stay tuned! We can't wait to share our catch-up chat with owner, 
Lindsay Banner coming soon with a giveaway you won't want to miss! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sneak Peek: Jennifer Kirby Designs

We can't wait to share this shop with you!

In the mean time, go browse around!

Stay tuned for our chat with the designer & what topped our must-have list! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spotted: Littles celeb-style from babyGAP! Get the LOOK!

Jessica Alba's daughter Honor Marie was spotted this week wearing babyGAP's Floral Romper, while having fun at the park in Beverly Hills, CA! We instantly feel in love with the oh-so-cute romper! 


ITEM: Floral Romper
PRICE: $29.95

Get similar styles from now! 
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