Monday, June 28, 2010

Sprinkles partners with American Girl’s Shine On Now

What is it? The program, called Shine On Now, is a cause-related initiative focused on inspiring girls to make a difference in the community.

How does it work? The Shine On Now website will empower girls to contribute ‘stars’ to help four great organizations – the National Wildlife Federation, Kids in Distressed Situations, Save the Children, and the National Association of Children’s Hospitals. American Girl is pledging up to $1M in goods and money based on the number of ‘stars’ girls contribute (there is no cost associated with contributing a star and for each star we will donate $1).
American Girl’s mission with the Shine On Now program is to inspire young girls to make a difference in their communities. To do that, we have created (full-laucnh on July 13th) – an interactive site where girls (with mom’s help) can contribute one star towards four charitable organizations – the National Wildlife Federation, Kids in Distressed Situations, Save the Children and National Association of Children’s Hospitals. American Girl is pledging up to $1M in goods and money based on the number of ‘stars’ girls contribute (there is no cost associated with contributing a star and for each star we will donate $1).

To foster a spirit of goodwill and help make the world a brighter place, American Girl is introducing Shine On Now™—a new charitable initiative that harnesses the collective power of girls to help others in need. Through Shine On Now, American Girl is calling on girls across the country to help the company give $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to the following four organizations: Kids in Distressed Situations,Save the Children U.S.A., National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, and National Wildlife Federation. Beginning July 13, 2010, girls can visit to contribute a free ‘star’ to the effort. The goal is to collect one million stars by the end of the program on July 31, 2010. In addition, for every star a girl contributes (she can donate up to 100 each day!), her name will automatically be entered in a daily drawing to win a new My American Girl™ doll.
As part of the Shine On Now initiative and to further encourage girls to let their spirits shine, American Girl is also launching a brand-new virtual campus, Innerstar University™—a fun, safe online world where girls learn to be their best through a variety of games, quizzes, and other enriching activities that help boost their confidence and strength. Access to the new virtual world is free with each 18-inch My American GirI doll—the company’s newly enhanced contemporary product line that allows a girl to create a special doll as unique as she is.

To help American Girl reach their goal of one million stars WE have partnered  to raise awareness and have become an official Shine On Now Parent Partner. American girl contributed an automatic 1,000 stars to get us started as we work with American Girl fans to serve as advocates for Shine On Now! 

But, right now you can start by downloading an Ambassador kit on the Shine On Now site. And stay-tuned for when the site is fully launched on July 13th to begin donating stars!  We will be giving you the chance to win a new MY AMERICAN GIRL doll (VERY SOON!) which is a new doll collection that features more customization options and the brand new educational and fun virtual world - Innerstar U. 

Make sure you stay-up-to date with Shine On Now on Facebook, Twitter and make sure you check them out on YouTube and help spread the word now! Also, watch Sprinkles for when we launch the My American Girl doll giveaway!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

current obsession --- laken&lila --- giveaway too!

laken & lila - for the love of children & clothing
Heather of laken&lila is brilliant when it comes to creating a whimisical & fun look that your little will be obsessed with wearing. But also she is brilliant for keeping moms in mind when designing something we want to put our fashionistas in yet they want to wear - its a win win situation making us obsessed with laken&lila.

It is a totally bummer when your child comes home to tell you someone else had the same shirt on as them -- well thanks to large retail chains, this happens frequently. When shopping HANDmade with laken&lila you won't have that problem - the unique designs are truly one of a kind with so chic fabric choices and beyond better than retail quality.

How did you get started?
I began lakenandlila on Christmas Day 2008. I had been creating clothing for my son and children's friends for a while prior to that but that was the day I decided to launch my line. I had always been a stay at home mom and really needed something for myself. I was a wife and a mother but needed something just for me! At that time our family was going through some rough times and I used lakenandlila as an outlet for me to deal with that time frame. I have consistently been introducing new designs, ideas, and themes and lakenandlila has been growing leaps and bounds ever since.

What is behind the name - Laken & Lila?
Laken is my beautiful, sweet, talented, funny, 4 year old boy. Lila is the name of the little girl I wish to have someday... but for right now our West Higland Terrier is named Lila.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from so many places... I live on a lake so the outdoors and nature really inspire me... but most of all children inspire me. I love to see the smile children get when they put on lakenandlila clothing. I get coutless emails from parents who buy my designs telling me once their package has arrived their child has not taken off the clothing or they twirl around singing about how great they feel in their new clothes! That is what lakenandlila is all about! Comfort and Joy. I want each child to feel like they could do anything or be anything when they are wearing my clothing. Their smile is what inspires me. That smile also inspires me to keep my prices afforable for quality, handmade clothing. Each child deserves to feel special. I take pride in each piece I make because although each piece is unique and handmade by me... I want the result to be the same..... a smile on the childs face.

Paisley and Stripe Peasant Dress, $36.50
the perfect any season dress

a unique design you won't find elsewhere

Love by Amy Butler Callie Outfit with Initial Top $34.50
the perfect fresh combo showcasing your little one

Thanks to laken&lila we are giving away a skirt of choice from their Etsy Shop. So head on over and take a look at the many different fabrics and styles. Let us know which one you just LOVE. We know, it's hard to pick one. This comment is mandatory. You also MUST be a follower of cupcakeMAG and Sprinkles. We absolutely adore this sweet juicy lemon skirt!

For extra entries you can do the following below and leave us a separate comment for each letting us know. The more you comment the better chance you have to win!

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8. Write a blog post about this giveaway on your blog and send us the link.

Until then make sure you check out all the great things over at laken&lila!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh sweet haper -- we truly adore YOU

This post is a little unorthodox but I need to take moment to give SWEET HARPER! We just wanted to take a moment to share her oh so cute clippies with you and your littles -- just in case you missed her past sprinkling of features.

As you can see (above), my little ones are by far Sweet Harpers #1 fan club! We have 2 ClippyArts full and thats not even ALL of them!

Tracy of Sweet Harper is not just the creator of amazing HANDmade clips...but she is an amazing friend that I am thankful for her each and everyday!

So go browse around the.....

sugar coated shop
check out the blog
follow them on twitter
spread the love on their facebook page

........because Sweet Harper is just all around SWEET!

I became obsessed with Sweet Harper prior to being BFF with Tracy.
Just for the record --- I am not just writing this because I want to spread the word about my best friends biz (even though I do!) --
I genuinely LOVE Sweet Harper!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

current obsession --- paperless post

Just yesterday we were introduced to Paperless Post - the brainchild of Alexa & James Hirschfeld (brother and sister) and have been completely obsessed with it since. For those of you like us - who are obsessed with thank you notes, cards, stationary galore - well, this is the PERFECT site for you. 

As we all live our super busy lives sometimes we fail to send that thank you card, birthday card or even wait until the last minute to send invites to that summer pool party - Paperless Post fixes that problem. In an instant you can send oh so chic thank yous, cards, invitations, and even birth announcements. While we still like to hand write notes sometimes life gets in the way and this is the perfect option to send fine stationary online.

At Paperless Post, they seek to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online.

Paperless Post stationery is as tasteful as its tangible counterpart, but it also makes life simpler. In minutes, members can send out invitations for any occasion- dinner parties, anniversaries, save the dates - whenever they want to send something more personal than a simple email or awkward PDF. After sending, they can then monitor as guests receive and reply to their invitations. You literally can track what you send!

Paperless Post is not supported by advertisers so your invitations will always remain personal and free of pop-ups and ads. We believe that discretion is an integral part of good service, and will never abuse the privacy of our users and their guests by sending unsolicited mail or releasing their personal information.

Father's Day is right around the corner and this is a fast, 
easy, eco-friendly way to send Dad (or Grandad!) a greeting, 
whether near or far, and perfect for those who might have waited until the last minute! Check them all out here!

Why are we so obsessed? Paperless Post is a website where users design and send cards digitally without sacrificing the traditions of classic, custom stationery. The cards have the look and texture of what you would find in a high-end stationery store, but the ease, eco-consciousness, and cost effectiveness of digital communication... and it will get there before the big day! 

You can even pick lined envelopes --- no more cheesy "e-cards." There are some really fabulous cards and the best part -- it's free to join and you get 25 free stamps included with sign-up -- that is 25 free cards! 

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word and sign up now!  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mom of the month! -- a day in the life of Jenny Ford!

Jenny Ford, isn't just a mom; she is a bestie of cupcakeMAG where we chat several times a day, but thats not the reason she is mom of the month. She gained the title because she handles home and work life by running her own business --- she is the designer of the cutest hand painted shoes around, Monkey-Toes Shoes. Check out our previous post here. Jenny is a mother of three -- Ella (8), Rose (9), and Oscar (5 months) yet she still has time to run a successful biz. We love her for making us crack up and laugh along the way.

Let me preface this day with – it was an EXTREMELY busy day. Sometimes I do try to linger and enjoy a cup of coffee (or two, or three) with the hubs and kiddos before I start on my marathon day – today however, was not the case. Even my tweeting was at a minimum (the horror!).

My day started at 5:45 am, when the hubs leaned over me to kiss me goodbye for the next 24 hours. He is a fire fighter and works 24 hour shifts – which I’ve gotta say is really nice. Gives me time to do things I wouldn’t normally do with him around like, linger in front of the mirror and examine my pores, eat dessert in bed – you know what I mean.
5:50 a - I hear Oscar stirring and I’m in total shock because he has slept from his dream feed at 11 until now! (O is totally showing off for you) I actually feel like I don’t need to go back to bed, I contemplate it, but I don’t do it. Some days I put him in bed with me and he will go back to sleep for a few more hours. I choose to keep him up since I’ve got a busy day ahead.
After O’s feeding I start running through my mental list of To-Do’s – these are things I MUST remember to do. I multi-task while doing this by pumping my right side, it’s about to explode from overnight milk build-up, making coffee and brushing my teeth (ya, I am that good).

Things I MUST get done today –
1. Take pics of kids for a Father’s day gift for Grandpa
2. Girls have play dates at noon, one kid needs to be dropped off and one kid needs to be picked up – need to Mapquest the addresses
3. Have got to paint Bee shoes and finish Pig shoes – I personally hand paint these shoes since the bees are a pain in the ARSE and I cannot seem to pay anyone enough to paint them, would love to increase the price of these. Plus, it keeps me real *UGH*.
4. Rose has an ortho appointment at 4:30 and I’ve been known to forget these appointments until right before we need to be there. Nothing like running out the door 10 minutes before an appointment with 3 kids in tow – stress is my cardio.
5. I’ve got 3 international store orders (Prague, Spain & Cyprus) that must be packaged and go out by Friday, and of course they are waiting on the bee shoes to be complete. Work on these when I have the chance.
Not a big list, but things I MUST remember to do…

6:15 a – AHHHH, first sip of coffee, my cup of creativity is what I call it. My fave is regular old Joe with Hazelnut creamer, I know it’s not good for me but don’t care. I look forward to this every morning – I think it is what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. I get O settled in his bouncer seat (he is a morning baby for sure, so happy and smiley) with some toys so I can make myself some breakfast (the usual, 1 egg over-easy on a piece of toast). They say it’s the most important meal of the day, I totally disagree and think dessert is, but I digress. As I pull the eggs out of the fridge I have a struggle with wanting to devour the Cookies N Crème cupcakes I brought home for the girls last night. I slap my own hand as it reaches for the yummy confections. I can only assume that I can guilt them into sharing a bite with me later.
6:30 a - eat breakfast and check the Blackberry for any important emails and check in with Twitter to see if there are any comments to respond to. I work on getting some giggles out of O – I’d stand on my head all day if it meant I could hear him laugh! After I down breakfast in 4 bites I go change into workout gear and hope it will inspire me to get a workout in (you’ll see how well that works out later).
6:45 a – Start up the computer and try my hardest to stay off of it until I after I accomplish other tasks. Otherwise I will get sucked in and waste a ton of time on it. I get O on a blanket with toys so I can get these final 10 pairs of bees and 6 pairs of pigs painted. The 10 pairs of bees seems easy enough but I dread them because they have to be taped off and take 3 coats of paint. That fabric sucks up the paint so they are very time consuming.
Well, I got 15 minutes out of Oscar on the floor. He’s had it so I take a break from painting and move to the floor where I can package one of the orders and play with him until about 7:50 when he goes down for a nap. I hear the 
first stirs from the girls. Thankfully they are old enough to get their own breakfast going. Once breakfast has been eaten I coordinate their hair and outfits for the pics I will be taking once O gets up from his nap. Go back to painting – 2nd coat and putting the finishing touches on the pigs. Run to get myself looking somewhat presentable for a pic with the kiddos for this project (ya, I totally changed out of my workout gear into normal clothes – my workout scheme didn’t work at all). Grab a snack (handful of peanuts, which turns out is not filling and I’m hungry again after about 15 minutes). Sip on my first cup of coffee which is now ICE COLD. I decide to go ahead and take the individual pics of the girls for the Father’s day collage.
10 a – Still waiting for O to wake up. Girls keep coming into my office and stealing empty shoe boxes (we’ve got TONS around here). They’re explain they’re making some sort house for a “doll” they made out of a latex glove and filled with water. My motto – water dries and whatever keeps them busy makes me happy!
10:20 a – Oscar finally wakes – I pop onto Twitter to see what the haps are while I’m breast feeding O – “breast-tweeting”. Move the little man to his high chair where he will be having a gourmet meal of rice cereal and coconut milk – YUM. I will attempt to feed him the same bite several times until it finally goes down. This takes FOREVER! Break up a “loving” fight between the sisters and thankful they have play dates in about an hour – they need some time away from each other! Starving again, so I grab another snack this time – yogurt, blueberries and granola, a little more filling. Get Oscar changed for his modeling gig and herd the cats (aka, kids) into the backyard. Snap some pics and – DONE. I can check that one off my list!
11:45 a – drop Ella off at her friend’s house. Mapquest takes me waaaay out of the way to Rose’s friend’s house so we are a little late. Oh well. (Check task #2 off the list) Run thru the McDonald’s drive thru for sodas. I gotta have a fountain coke today – kinda fading, and fast! Get home, make lunch for the girls and myself (left over stir fry). Listen to the really interesting stories that 2 - 9 year old girls tell and contemplate gauging my eyes out. Oh joy! That’s my cue to get back to work!
1 p – Lay O on the floor of my office to play on a blanket again. Back to the never ending project - BEES! (can you see why I should charge more for them???) Remember that I need to add another task to my list of To Do’s – Return kids to their respective habitats by 4 pm! I will forget this!!! Hoping Oscar takes another nap at about 1:30. This would be great timing if he did, but we shall see.
1:36 p – just remembered that the hubs has no clean underwear – oops – get a load of laundry going. Run up stairs to put paci back in Oscar’s mouth.
2 p – get stuck in front of the computer looking at the pics I took earlier – it is like a pendulum to me and I find myself in a trance. This is my attempt at avoiding the work that really needs to be done – uh hem, bees. At this point I realize that the little man is not going to be napping at this time so I proceed to feed him and give him homemade applesauce. He’s now being really grabby and I am having a hard time sitting at my desk. He’s grabbing the papers off of it, Lord knows there is a TON, and kicking the keyboard. My attempts at procrastinating is not working out. So I move to the floor, to do a daily inventory at 2:45, where I can talk and interact with him. I want to get this into my system and uploaded to websites but Oscar is not going to cooperate with me so I decide it’s shower time. He loves sitting in his bouncer seat in the bathroom while I shower. I think it’s the white noise that keeps him happy.
3:20p – Out of the shower, lay Oscar on the bed to put a shirt on, I watch him as he rolls over and then proceeds to fall asleep, in a matter of 2 minutes. Yes, that is 20 minutes before I have to run out the door. FIGURES!!!! I lay him down in his bed and run back down to my office to upload inventory quickly and then gather the troops (Rose and her friend) to do the dropping off/picking up and then off to the orthodontist. When walking past a mirror I mentally add another To Do – suck in more/eat less/stand up straight – you’re not pregnant anymore, Jenny. Plus, I’d love to avoid that awkward question of “when are you due”. (check task #4 off the list)
5:15 p – back home from Ortho, Oscar is hungry. Plop onto the couch and nurse him while taking an urgent BFF phone call. Should do Kegel exercises to make this a multitasking trifecta.
5:30 p – Put Oscar in his swing, Rose plays on computer, Ella disappears to her room - Make dinner – Turkey Enchilada Casserole (girls LOVE) and spinach salad. Get the casserole in the oven and give O a bath. He loves his night time bath! And I cringe as he sits in the water and grabs, scratch that, squeezes the life out of his “man part”. Oh how it begins way to early! Get him out of the tub before he really does damage to himself. I have the girls set the table outside – it’s so nice out – and empty the dishwasher. Ah, I do love that they are old enough to help out like this!
6:15 p – sit down to dinner – we always eat dinner together. This is Oscar’s fidgety hour before bed. He won’t let me set him down so he sits on my lap and grabs at everything within reach – flinging my salad bowl and spilling my water, only to play in it after it’s all over the table. It’s like a one-baby food fight. Oh fun. Which now means – it’s 6:25 p and WINE TIME! I invite my friend Merlot to join me for dinner and Merlot so politely obliged. I defrost carrot sauce (homemade mushed carrots), add some rice cereal and coconut milk all to try and load him up on the calories before bedtime, put Oscar in his activity center car and feed him while I finish my dinner semi-peacefully. He makes a mess getting carrot stuff everywhere. Which is great for the dog, he’s such a helper and loves cleaning up after Oscar. The girls gulp down their cupcakes…I was apparently off my guilt game and was not able to coerce them out of a bite of them. DANG it!
7:30 p – work to get the girls showered (this is work, it’s a lot of vocal work) and get Oscar down for the night. At this point I feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety because everywhere I look it’s been kissed by a giant mess. I tackle the smallest place first – my bathroom, where a small cosmetics store barfed. Easy enough. But then I run out of energy because the wine is catching up with me (surprise, surprise). Find the dog laying across Oscar’s activity mat and toss him and his fur off (darn dog and his fur). Contemplate another glass of vino…Thanks! Don’t mind if I do! Look into the living room and find the girls playing “orthodontist” meaning Rose has her hands gloved and shoved down Ella’s throat – I keep waiting for the bill for her services. I head back down to my office, with my glass of wine in tow, either to get work done or stare blankly at the computer, whichever happens first. End up going through emails and find Cupcake Mag’s latest blog post and giveaway – which I proceed to read and enter, of course. Which is pretty much the demise of any further work from getting done. I’ve checked out mentally.
8:01 p – I hear loud noises coming from upstairs (aka the orthodontist’s office), but the wine I’m drinking keeps me from caring. I think, as long as no one is shouting or crying, it’s all good. Share a few wise text messages with my BFF (love her), laughing hysterically.
8:30 p – the hubs calls from the fire house. We have 8 minutes of deep conversation (NOT), mainly it’s just hitting the highlights of our days. Nothing of major excitement. I do however get a thrill over what they eat over there. While we usually have boxed mac n cheese for dinner, they’re eating ribs that have been smoking all day and falling off the bone with just glancing at them. So not fair!
8:55 p – Staring blankly at the computer screen = done. But, I swear there is glue stuck to my butt and the chair…cannot get up. Think about putting the kids to bed.
9:13 p – sweet text from the hubs (LOVE him!) still sittin here at my desk. Still cannot get up, so I tweet a little. Still haven’t put girls to bed (they’re probably sitting in the other room snickering because they’re getting away with staying up late) Eh, it’s summertime, what do I care?
9:27 p – FINALLY shutting down the computer. Get girls off to bed. Contemplate my next exhausted move. I know I have to stay up a little later to dream feed Oscar (I usually feed him coconut milk while he is sleeping so he will let me get some solid zzzz’s.), so tired, but I get the bottle heated up anyway. Get myself ready for bed.
10:10 p – Dream feed done. Smear lotion all over my feet. TV off. Eyes SLAM shut.
How do I do it all? I don’t know….Literally, I don’t remember!

where the magic happens, sorry my office is so messy.  I just didn’t have ANY time to get it cleaned up before I took this picture.  Ok, I’m a big fat LIAR, this is not my office, but I dream of an office like this one, one day.  This one just happens to be attached to a $3 mil home – that I’m completely in enamored with.  My regular office (aka, the CAVE) truly is a mess, a shoe bomb went off in it.   And it’s not very photogenic…

To stay up-to-date with Jenny you can......

be their friend on facebook – click here
follow them on twitter - click here
read their blog - click here

 we adore jenny to pieces and you will too! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts -- plus giveaways galore!!!

What are you doing to make fathers day special to those wonderful fathers in your life? Well, if you aren't so sure yet - we are here to think for you. Here are a a few of our favorite things we are giving the fathers in our life.

SodaStream WIN IT!

In just seconds you can turn water into sparkling water and soda with a Sodastream Fountain Jet home soda maker. The Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker looks great on any kitchen counter and you will never have to worry about running out of soda again. It is like having a soda ailse in your pantry with over 25 flavors to choose from along with Diet Soda, MyWater and Energy drinks. Your hubs will love saving the bucks too.

The best part? It's SO simple! All you have to do is turn on your faucet and within 30 seconds time you have sparkling water, with no clean-up. Not only are you protecting the environment but you can enjoy the freshness and convenience of homemade soda in your own home.

Want to WIN IT?! The giveaway package is a Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit, approx. $100 retail value. It includes the winner's color choice of the Fountain Jet, CO2 to make up over 100 liters of soda, 2 reusable carbonating bottles, a sample pack of flavors, and 3 full-sized flavors of winners choice.

Vtech Phone System - WIN IT!
How many of you call your husbands from upstairs or downstairs from your cell phone to tell them something? We all have done it before right?Well with the VTech LS6325-3 Phone System ($80) -- you don't have to anymore! All you have to do is just page him --- won't he just LOVE it. The phone features a push-to-talk intercom from one handset to another and can expand to 5 handsets using only one phone jack. The DECT 6.0 technology provides the best security and range, no more hearing your neighbors covos -- along with fab sound quality.

We are giving you a chance to win the three handset system that includes 3 handsets but only one jack because we want to share the love. The handset speaker phone and digital answering system are just a few of its great features.

Also from Vtech, the Wi-Fi Internet Radio is the perfect music hub for your HUBS home or office. It streams over 11,000 internet radio stations from around the globe for FREE. What's the catch? All you need is wi-fi internet access to choose from a wide range of genres - talk radio, sports, classic rock - you name it! It also has easy access to plug in your MP3 player and we love the weather updates it gives. You would never know it has only 2 speakers and subwoofer with the sound it provides. It is turning heads since it came out -- we had to take a double look. Check out the other features and demo here.

Shutterfly Photo Canvas -- WIN IT!

For those sentimental dads out there, Shutterfly has the perfect gift. In just minutes it looks like you spent hundreds on a high-quality canvas! Take your dads favorite snapshot and transfer it into a high-quality canvas to hang in his favorite spot --- a place where he can see it everyday. The work of art is ready to be mounted on a support frame or the common sizes make finding a frame easy. We stuck it on the wall right from the box & it instantly changed the room.

It was so perfect we want to give you a chance to make someone smile. Shutterfly is giving one of our readers a medium size canvas, 16x20, a $80 value for you to make your own masterpiece.

And of course, lets not forget the Keurig! Check it out and WIN IT here.


Last but not least is the Flip Video Camcorder! This is just something you can't be without! The MinoHD 120 minute HD camcorder is the world's sleekest camcorder with a large, 2" anti-glare display, making it even easier to capture stunning HD video that you will just FLIP over! Within 3 seconds you are powered and ready to go -- perfect fit in any purse, golf bag, or pocket! It is so simple to use making it more fun than ever -- no reading a manual when it comes to one-touch recording. And just FLIP out the USB arm to charge and upload -- so easy and convenient. Go win it now or visit Flip Video to buy one.
We want to make your life a little easier so we are giving away a few of our faves in honor of fathers day! So, this is how it works - to enter, you must leave a comment telling us which product you would like to win - whether its for a father in your life or yourself - if you want to win them all then leave us 3 seperate comments. These comments are mandatory. Please leave your email addy as well! You also MUST be a follower of cupcakeMAG and Sprinkles.

For extra entries please do the following for each product you would like to win. The more you comment the better chance you have to win so get commenting and spread the word!

1. Follow cupcakeMAG on Twitter

2. Make sure you "LIKE" us on our NEW Facebook page.

3. Subscribe to our updates (top right corner above) - just sign up with your email!

4. VOTE for us on Top Mommy Blogs here -- just select "click to vote" -- you don't have to register - just a simple click.

5. Tweet about this giveaway and include @cupcakemag -- you must tweet, not just follow.

6. Write a blog post about this giveaway on your blog and send us the link.

The winner will be selected on Fathers Day, June 20th around or after 11pm, EST. Open to US residents only please. Good luck!
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