Thursday, March 18, 2010

stroller trend alert -- do you have the hottest new accessory?

The newly launched texthook is the ultimate smartphone holder and a must have accessory for 2010 - to help you stay in touch on the go. The very convenient holder for your iphone/blackberry is the hottest new accessory for your stroller and fits on all handlebars making it perfect for springtime strolls for parents & their little tots. It is great for that multi-tasking momma we all are and perfect for any gym enthusiast too as it also attaches to a treadmill and bike. We know you will be HOOKED! Sleek & stylish - it is a "must have" for all chic moms on the go and their active lifestyle. It is quickly to become a new fave item for urban parents with a affordable price tag of just $26. It is also available now on Amazon.

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