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sundae spa -- inspiring story of sweetness

A few months back we came across Sundae Spa & have been lucky to get to know the name behind the biz -- Kimberly Swan. Not only is she a mother of 7 beautiful daughters (3 biological & 4 taken in through the state foster care system) but she was a previous science educator, is dedicated to benefiting foster children & runs a business! She is basically super-mom and boy is her plate full! The Swan family is very close as Kim is doing her best to set them up for success. Two of her daughters are learning disabled and special needs so structure is very important in their family.

When she launched Sundae Spa in 2008 - she began selling the unique line of bath and body products for kids and adults that are so good looking - you want to eat them! But, they are healthy too --- chemical free and no parabens. When you receive a package of goodies from Sundae Spa which looks like cupcakes, pies, cakes, fudge, popsicles -- and smells just as good -- you won't believe they are actually bath and body treats! These include the company's signature Sundae Spa Bath Cakes and Bath Scoops, Gourmet Fudge Soap, Candy Soaps, Dinosaur Ice Cream Floats, and more. The sprinkling of goodies we received put BIG smiles on little ones faces --- they smell delish too!

Where did the the idea for Sundae Spa come from?

We always sit around and tell stories where we add on. So one will start with a line and then the next person will add on and so on. This is where the story of Sundae Spa came about. It inspired the family to brainstorm our own unique ideas and create Sundae Spa, a place where kids could come to make sweet treats, learn, and have fun. From there, more work was needed: business plans, financing, site location, product development and testing - with 7 daughters, I had a mini-testing lab at home. And as a former science teacher, I wanted the products safe enough so that any child could join in the fun and learning experience of creating special lotions, soaps and other products.

I have spent the last 2.5 years putting together our idea. We have the online store and the spa is scheduled to open this summer. A place for all of my girls to be a part of. I support all of them in their own unique individual talents. All of them were able to contribute is some way. Whether it be drawing, coming up with product names, making products, cosmetology, nursing for the ear piercing etc. I was able to combine my background as a science educator and my love for children into SUNDAE SPA. We are in the process of building our spa now. Hopefully to be open in August.

Tell us a little about your family and how you have time to run a business and a family?

We are very dedicated to benefiting foster children and special needs children. If you search us, you will see we have teamed with Easter Seals and Department of Children and family services to raise funds. These are causes that we are close to. My family is the untraditional family. Four of our children came from the foster care system and have been with us anywhere from 5 to 10 years. We plan to all be part of the business and continue benefiting these children. We are a team and we work together. Definitely hard time to work through like anyone else., Hard times are what make us better people and what makes a better business.

People underestimate the business of running a household. With seven daughters, I have to have everything organized and running smoothly. Plus, we keep business time separate from family time. Plus, everyone in the family works in the business:

  • Kalie (23) has a sense of artistic design, and is working on some pieces of jewelry to complement the bath and body line (they are scented dessert charms for necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc.). She is also studying nursing and will be doing the ear piercing once the physical location is open.
  • Tiffany (21), a graduate of the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology, helps with events and shows now, and will be in charge of licensed individuals once the physical location is open.
  • Marguerite (18) has a flair for product development and production and is involved with online ordering. Now attending Belle Academy for cosmetology.
  • Brianna (17), Rebecca (16), Shania (11) and Charlie Rose (10) help in many ways. They put the toppings on some of the Sundae Spa Bath Cakes and soaps, help in the packaging and putting on labels, test out products and help think of product names. Charlie Rose came up with the name Lovey Soap Pop for Valentine's Day and Hippity Hoppity Sundae Cakes.
  • Husband Ronald, an electrical contractor, helps set up for shows and events. He also helps around the house, takes care of the girls and does cooking, cleaning and shopping. He is also very supportive and encouraging about the business.

Your plate is so full! A sucessful business, a large family --

What is up next for you?

We are hard at work to get the physical location in Connecticut up and running. My plans for the location are just as creative as the products. It will be like walking into a dessert workshop where, just like a fudge shop, you can see some of the products being made in the bakery. We will have gelato cases to serve yourself up a bath and body dessert, we will have custom creation stations to whip up your own products, we will have hair stations designed like ice cream cones, nail dryers like a serving fountain, giant cherries from the ceiling, fun loving colors and design.

In addition, I had an idea for an interactive kit for parties and events that kids could enjoy. So, I have contacted a major American company with a strong line of educational toys, and they are now working on a partnership that would involve me being the consultant developing this idea.

Kimberly is beyond an inspiration to all the momprenuers out there -- she gives hope that you can have it all. As long as you have the passion and creativity for launching a business you can get through these tough economic times by focusing on marketing to grow your business and get your family involved -- it is a learning business! But, as well all know, make sure their are specific times for business and family. She has shown us that you can be successful with your ideas -- finding different ways to get your products and services into the marketplace with creative visions -- and we can thank Kimberly for teaching these many great things!

*Giveaway Details*

Thanks to Kim --- she is sharing her sweets with SPRINKLES!

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