Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Note from the Editor: HUGE NEWS

As you know I usually don't write personally unless it is in the Editor's Note each month BUT this is such HUGE news - I couldn't wait to share. I was literally jumping up & down (true story) when I found out SWEET HARPER is back!

What is Sweet Harper? The cutest most amazing hair clips for girls ever! period. Well, exclamantion point! I am just dying with excitment. The shop isn't full yet but keep checking back. I promise, Sweet Harper clips are just amazing and the designer herself is even more amazing. We at cupcakeMAG for Littles are defintely her number one fan. And you can't take that label from us! Yay for Sweet Harper. Get shopping now. Sweet Harper re-opened just in time for the holidays.

ahhh, that hole in my heart is filled again. Sweet Harper is back! Should we just keep saying it as we jump up down? 

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