Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Editor is a JUDGE in the Eisley Rae Design Your Own Dress Contest!

Just recently cupcakeMAG came across an uber-cute handmade shop full of adorable handmade clothes for your Littles - Eisley Rae on Etsy.  Well, we just found out they are having a Design Your Own Dress contest and our editor - Casi -  is a judge! What are you waiting for? Go enter now! 

Design Your Own Dress

Details: You get to be the creative one this time! Search online and email 3-5 pictures of fabrics that you would like to see a dress made out of and email the pictures  (or specific links) to EisleyRae at gmail dot com.  The deisgner will post the pictures of the prints you've chosen, along with your name (First name and last initial) in their album on the Eisley Rae Facebook page!

There will have 3 judges who will choose the winner! The winner will receive a FREE Dress, made with the fabrics that they've chosen.

There is one more way to win as well!! The person who has the most comments on their fabric choices picture, will win a Free Skirt!!

The contest will end January 15th, 2011!! The free dress/skirt will be shipped out by February 20th, 2011!

Have fun! We can't wait to see all of your wonderful ideas!!


1. You MUST email the pictures to EisleyRae at gmail dot com. Please do NOT post your pictures/entries on my Facebook wall.

2. Only ONE submission per person.

3.One comment per person for the free skirt, all duplicate comments will be deleted and not be counted.

4. "Likes" will NOT count as votes for the free skirt.

5. Along with the pictures that you email, you MUST include the brand/designer name and the name of that particular print!

**Just to help you out, here are a few links to some of my favorite fabric shops/Etsy sellers!

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  1. I just sent in my submission for the contest! What a generous giveaway! Thanks to both of you for putting this one on.


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