Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh for the love of the Puj tub!

Ok, so we are all about the Puj tub. It is the best baby bath time invention - umm, ever! Pretty much a revolutionary (yep, we said it!) way to bathe your Little! It simply makes your life 110% easier.
Most parents are breaking their back learning over their bath tub, and basically - getting so wet from bath time mess - you will probably need a bath next. Bath time becomes a chore rather than a relaxing time with your little. This is when the Puj tub comes into play! It is so easy to set-up you can do it while you're holding your Little. Yes, we do not lie! 

When you experience your first bath with the Puj tub you will agree when we say it's the quickest, easiest bath ever. All you have to do is snap it together in two simple folds and place it in the sink -- time to get your bath on! It's oh-so-super-lightweight, easy to use and store for infants up to six months. The soft piece of foam that fits in your bathroom sink is what we needed five years ago -- just so convenient!

Another reason we are oh-so-in-love with the Puj tub? It stores perfectly in the towel rack in the bathroom or hangs behind the door! Unlike other infant bath rubs (that take up an entire shower!) the Puj tub lies completely flat and out of the way. And, no worries when it comes to cleaning the Puj tub - it's made of an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial material that virtually does NOT need scrubbing! Not to mention, the super soft flexible materiall just wraps around your Little - no cold surface like other infant bath tubs.

So, let us sum it up for you. The Puj tub doesn't break your back, doesn't take up the entire bathroom, doesn't need to be scrubbed, delicate on sweet baby skin and is easier than saying your ABC's! What's not to love? Head over to Puj tub and get yours now. While you're there, buy one for your BFF or as a gift for a Mom friend! We are sure you will thank us later!

Check out what Kelly Rippa and Rachel Ray said about it on The Rachel Ray show!  Make sure you LIKE Puj tub on Facebook too!

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