Saturday, January 2, 2010

essential chic- mom needs inside your hospital bag

Why we can't tell you everything you may need, here are a few essentials we just can't let you leave off your list when packing the hospital bag - for both you and babe - minus registration papers, insurance card and all that boring stuff.

For the chic-momma we suggest packing at least 2 to 3 dear johnnies hospital gowns (we love the fashion- forward ava print!) to make you feel comfortable, stylish and beautiful – hey, ya gotta look good in those first pics right?! You will feel totally safe and secure in the feel better hospital gown. Throw on a headband (we love this one) and make sure you have a hair tie to complete the chic momma hospital look – at least you will look glam through the drama & pain. During labor make sure you have your EOS Lip Balm for those chapped lips. It will add a little labor & delivery glow and keep your lips feeling healthy, and it’s 100% natural!

Make sure you also pack a bathrobe, slippers and socks for that ick of a hospital floor along with a brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo, if you’re lucky enough to grab a shower. Also, don’t forget loungewear for the trip home and a nursing bra that is one size large than your normal size.

Moving on to the reason we are at the hospital – the babe. For those expecting a girl, here is the perfect hospital hat! A boy? We love this hat from Etsy!

Make sure to pack the perfect first blankie (celeb fave!) - Little Giraffe Spotted Luxe Blanket, along with Trumpette Socks, and his/her very first lovey from Bundled – and don’t forget the newborn sized “first day home” statement outfit.

Pack it all up in your Timi & Leslie Le Petit Voyage Overnight bag. It has all the great features of a well organized diaper bag with a chic designer hand bag appearance. Both you and babe will look stylish going to and from the hospital. Even better, they are on sale now here.


  1. Catching up on all my reading this weekend and I love this post! You have totally made me realize quite I few things I would have forgotten! I also love the take your own gown approach. Going to check out Dear Johnnies now!

  2. Taking your own gown is a brilliant IDEA! And they are cute and fashion forward. I am totally packing a headband this time to. GREAT POINTS CUPCAKE MAG!

  3. I LOVEEE the Timi&Leslie bag. SO CUTE!
    Dear Johnnies is brilliant to come up with gowns - they are SO chic!

  4. LOVE Little Giraffe! After reading this post I saw on twitter from you guys I took a look at the website and couldn't believe the celeb following. My little one won't put it down!

  5. This actually gets me excited about packing my hospital bag. I adore the bag and the Little Giraffe blanket looks so soft - can't wait to get some things ready for the big day. Thanks for giving us great ideas!

  6. Just saw your post from twitter and I had to take a look at the blanket! I always wondered what blaket Suri was carrying around. This is totally it. I need to get it asap - it looks so uber chic. LOVEEEEEE


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