Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shi Shu Style -- Practical yet Luxurious

One of our FAVES!

This eco-chic line of soft, elegant, and luxurious baby blankets offers only the best for your chic little offspring.

These 30 x40 hand-crafted blankets ($88) are handwoven from 40% Bamboo & 60% Cotton. They are the perfect oh so chic fabric combo free of unnatural and chemically treated fibers. Not to mention some of the best fabrics against your babes soft skin. The 100% bamboo sateen trim adds luxury & looks like perfection draping over your little ones bassinet or crib.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo is a textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass which is light, strong, soft, smooth and naturally antibacteria -- all things we love to embrace perfect comfort. It is the perfect blanket to the summer -- lets you breathe and keeps you cool but keeps you warm and cozy during those long winter months.

Connect with Shi Shu Baby on Twitter and read the blog here. Also make sure you check out Shi Shu Home -- the classic weave throw that catch everyones eye.

SHI SHU STYLE...Rest assured.

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  1. I think this stylish collection of baby blankets combines softness, elegance, and luxury for your chic little one.


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