Friday, May 21, 2010

we all helped layla grace now we need to help susana! please help spread the word.....

Baby Gassy Gooma is organizing an ebay auction for Susana Whittaker, a precious 4-year-old girl who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma on April 21, 2010, which is an aggressive cancer that has already spread to her bones, liver, chest and spine.

We just got word on the auction which is already taking place and will continue until the 30th and we need your help! We welcome your participation!

Open involvement is extended to any business owner, creative artist, book author, clothing designer, jewelry maker, photographer, musician, anyone with a loving heart who can "donate" anything, whether it be a product, photoshoot, books, clothing, painting, a gift certificate, etc., etc.

100% proceeds will go directly to The Whittakers to help with Susana's medical costs.

If interested in participating, please contact along with a description of what you would be interested in donating. Then all you have to do is ship your merchandise before the 30th. Please HELP it is SO easy!

Thanks for caring! And please SPREAD THE WORD! Anything is possible if you care enough to make it happen and The Whittakers need our support!

And check out the auctions here!

You can read more here about Susana & how she will battle this monster. Keep the family your prayers and PLEASE spread the word.

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