Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Current Obsession: Urban Munchkin!

By Jenny Ford, Contributing Writer 

I always knew that organics are better IN your body, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why you’d choose organic cotton products to put ON your body.  So I took it upon my oh so inquisitive self to find out.  Aside from it being super soft, absorbent and breathable it’s just better for the environment, and the people in it, to use a product that the earth sustains.  Am I sounding crunchy yet?  (I ask, as I down dog)

I love natural baby products – seriously, your skin absorbs everything - so why wouldn’t I put Oscar in yummy organic clothing too.  I found Urban Munchkin to have the CUU-TEST line of comfy little clothes for my little man.  I was drawn in by their bright colors for boys and girls. The online boutique is bright and cheery so I was thrilled to get a package of my own (ok, for Oscar, but I snuggled it a little).  YUM!  So soft, so stretchy, so colorful.  Let me tell you a little about my fave piece – the yoga pant!  They look so comfy on my little yogi as he hangs out at home, he’s got them in Sahara Grey.  He’s also a fan of the Short Sleeved Tee in Lotus Green.  IF only he could sit still long enough to sit in a Lotus pose, he’d be totally stylish doing it.

Now that I go back to their site and check it all out again, I notice they’ve got a bunch of new goodies!  I’m starting my list now (and checking it twice of course).  Oscar wants more yoga pants, the sleeveless hoodie, the city romper…ok, nevermind, he will take one of each (except the dresses of course – which are completely adorable, however my husband frowns upon me putting them on our boy).  I’m serious when I say I am in love with this line.  And I love their commitment to the environment too – they only use certified organic cotton, their products are all certified fair trade, they only use low impact dyes, and they strive to use as many recycled products as possible.  They’re creating good karma for themselves.  And to them I’d like to say “Namaste” J

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PS - when choosing Urban Munchkin shirts, I found O’s 6-12 month to be a little on the smaller side (he’s 10 months), you may want to size up when ordering.  However, the pants fit great and were roomy and true to size.

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  1. Clothes for kids should be comfy and breathable-glad I found this brand!


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