Monday, November 15, 2010

Tyler Trends: Adorable, Fun Clothes For Your Kids!

By Contributing Writer Jenny Ford

We’ve got tons of nicknames for Oscar – chubbers, lil man, big guy, toots, sir squeaks-a-lot, pasty, munchkin, O, and many more.  So many that I am wondering if he is actually going to know his first name.  But the one that we call him the most is Monkey.   And it’s fitting too, because he is EVERY-WHERE!  Since about 6 ½ months he has been on the go  and now he’s even taken a liking to opening cabinet doors and getting into trouble…like a little monkey.

That’s why I’m going bananas over this adorable Monkey tee by the Norwegian company Tyler Trends.  The prints are all super cute and come in the kid-friendly variety - ladybugs, giraffes, panda, tiger, polar bears, oh my.  I was even really impressed by the quality of the screen print – that baby is NOT coming off in the wash.  Oscar is donning the 6/12 month size and it fits purrrr-fect, even his little head doesn’t get squished when putting his shirt on.  It’s the important things that matter here, folks.  And, if you so choose, they’ve even got a line of organics for your little ladybug or tiger.  Talk about eco-fun!

I clicked over on the Inspiration page of the website expecting to see some jungle animal pics.  What I found was a sweet story of the founder’s precious children both born prematurely and overcoming such amazing obstacles.  I encourage you to go read the story (but grab a handful of tissues first).   

My boy doesn’t monkey around…. Check him out on the phone; he’s got lotsa monkey business to handle.

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