Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Bibi & Mimi was the proud recipient of "2009 Seal of Excellence of the Year Award" in the baby apparel category from Creative Child Magazine last week. CG Gurkan, the Vice President of the company, said "We are extremely honored and happy about the award as a young company who is establishing itself in the baby accessories industry as a solid brand. It is also a great satisfaction to see that our hard work, attention to detail, packaging, quality, and value of our shoes is being recognized."

Creative Child Magazine Award Program has all products reviewed by moms, moms-to-be and child educators. Participants are asked to sit and review all products individually so that each product is given multiple reviews. Forms are to include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product's category to establish award winner. Only one "Seal of Excellence of the Year" winner is given per category.

Socks: Sets of six in an adorable gift box with ribbon handle, sets of three in clear gift box with ribbon bow or individuals. More than 17 sets or 30 individual designs to chose from. Also 6 different designs 3 pack are available. All cotton blends, fits most 0-12 months babies. Set of six pairs wholesale for $9.50, set of three pairs wholesale $7.00 and singles for $2.00.

About Bibi & Mimi;
Located in New York City, NY, Bibi & Mimi is a newborn in the baby industry. Founded in January 2007 by CG Gurkan, the company which started with a single one-piece design has blossomed and now offers baby gifts, accessories, shoes, socks, apparel, leg warmers and diaper bags. First adored by local stores in NY, now enjoys a great following in retailers around the country and the world. High quality, innovative design, comfort and unique packaging of soft-soled leather shoes, socks and one-piece made Bibi & Mimi one of the fastest growing brands in the baby industry. For more information on how Bibi & Mimi can fit into your publishing schedule, please call (718)383-1452 or visit www.bibiandmimi.com


  1. I haven't never heard of Bibi & Mimi but this post makes me want to take a look. Can't wait to explore their products!

  2. I love bibi and mimi but have never purchased their socks. My little one has their soft sole shoes since she was born. I can't wait to get some socks. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Placing an order for these ASAP!

  4. After reading this I couldn't wait to check out the site. LOVE the socks and can't wait to get my shoes!


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