Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chic Ways To Carry Your Little Bundle of Joy

Out of the entire selection of baby carriers we tried & tested we finally have decided on must- have ways to carry your little one. But, don't just pick one, grab them both – as a chic mom you have to remember your baby carrier is now an accessory to your outfit so it is nice to switch it up every now and then!

Baby Carrier: BABYBJÖRN

We all know BABYBJÖRN – a brand synonymous with design, style and Sweden, recently launched the new colorful Spirit collection – a range of baby carries that incorporates the latest fashion colors (we love!) with the practicality of all BABYBJÖRN Baby Carriers we have fallen in love with over the years. The Spirit collection showcases the popular BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original in eight new colors. The vibrant colors make a bold statement against the contrasting black straps. These new color offerings reflect the company's ongoing dedication to providing consumers fashion-forward selections to express their personal style while enjoying carrying their baby close. Our fave: Pink Passion!

Perfect for the mommaista who wants colorful comfort; perfect for every chic mom and her babe. Pink passion is the color of physical tranquility as it suggests nurture, warmth, and soothes rather than stimulates. It is a powerful color (for us supermoms) and represents the survival of the species. Ideal for everyday activities both indoors and out – the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original is a classic carrier perfect for multi-tasking. It is easy to use and comfortable and provides excellent support for baby's back and head and guarantees that the child's legs and arms are in a physiologically correction position. It is the perfect carrier that makes a bold fashion forward accessory in mommywood.

The new BABYBJÖRN colors are available in department and juvenile specialty stores throughout the United States and Canada in early with a suggested retail price of $79.95. To learn more visit the BABYBJÖRN website by clicking here.

Baby Sling: Serena & Lily

For something whimsical and oh so pretty, opt for a sling from Serena & Lily if you're a style maven momma. The Peacock Market Sling displays bold, vibrant colors perfect for any season. The sling lives up to the name with vivid, multicolored crewel embroidery and is a must-have accessory. Made from one seamless piece of fabric without buckles, belts or strap - we found it snug, sleek and easy to wear for any new Mom. It features a lining of 100% organic cotton that is more than gentle against baby's delicate skin – it really is an ode to chic moms everywhere and will make you look and feel fabulous - as we all know the peacock has long been a symbol of fantastic beauty. But, this sling isn't just for looks, its practical too – just toss it in the washing machine – surprisingly they get better looking with every wash!

The Peacock Market Sling is available for purchase from Serena & Lily by clicking here.


  1. If only these slings were around when my girls were little. They almost, ALMOST, make me want to have more - that's just how chic they are.

  2. I really LOVE the bright pink Baby Bjorn carrier - it is so different from the original black....

    Serena & Lily is not your classic carrier which I love -- along with those vibrant colors...

    It's a tough choice - you guys are right - should get them both.....

  3. These carriers are both TO DIE!

    I love the Baby Bjorn but I also love the S&L!

    Def getting both! I will be switching up.

    Can't wait to try them out!


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