Monday, August 30, 2010

meet our latest {sprinkles} contributing writer!

Lisa LOVES fashion, shoes and jewelry.  And has an addiction to magazines!  Reading them is a must to keep her updated on the latest fashion fashion trends!  Knowing "what's in" and "what's out" is a must!

Looking back to when she was a kid, she can remember a time when her parent's used to dress her in tube socks, sandals and shorts! eeekkk!  A total fashion FAUX PAS! Since leaving NJ and moving to Louisiana, sadly her need for trendy dressing has diminished.  No longer does she have that 9-5 job where she can flex her fashionable instincts, but the PASSION is still there.  

These days you can find her at home, taking care of her daughter and working part-time job at a local church as a childcare provider.  Lisa is an amateur photographer, baker, writer and CONSTANT creator!  This creativeness is what brought out her entrepreneurial instincts and led her to start her company, Lehla Shop in 2009.

The need to create and constantly challenge herself arises daily, therefore Lehla Shop is constantly evolving.  
She is currently in the process of finishing up her first children's book and hopes to one day see it on bookstore shelves.  The urge to write is what led Lisa to start her blogs, creating outlets to share her thoughts, likes and dislikes!

She is married to Mark, her soulmate and hero.  And together they created the most amazing little girl, their daughter Gianna.  

Lisa is following new dreams and working hard to make them happen!

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  1. i am so excited and happy to be a part of this amazing team! thank you, thank you!


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