Saturday, October 16, 2010

Featured Shop: Prissy Designs

When we first sat down with the owner, Laura Page, of Prissy Designs - we already knew we were fans. By all means, our littles are constantly carrying around the Blankie Bundle (of course we are partial to the cupcake print!) - it is perfect for your little to carry around their essentials. Instead of mom shoving everything in their diaper bag, as if it isn't already overflowing, you can stash a blankie, their lovie stuffed animal, sippy cup and it even has a pocket for a pacifier. How genius is that? We know - too bad we didn't think of it! Made of 100% cotton and the cutest fabrics for only $18 - it is a sure steal! Not ready for the Blankie Bundle well check out the All-in-One Diaper Clutch - another product simplifying us mommas lives!

Tell us a little bit about you! The name behind the face of Prissy Designs

My name is Laura and I am a mother to 3 energetic kids, Hunter (8), Laynee (3) and Mya (2).  I currently work full time during the day and work on Prissy Designs in my free time after the kiddos go to bed.  I created Prissy Designs as an outlet for all the crafty projects I loved doing.  I love crafts of all kinds I make jewelry, crochet blankets and of course sew.  

I originally started with hair accessories, kids jewelry, clothing and crochet baby blankets but after about a year it turned into more than that when I designed and created the All-In-One Diaper Clutch.  I realized that this product was going to be my main focus so I cleaned up my site and offered just the clutch in different patterns. 

We caught a peek of your now famous diaper clutch on Bethenny Getting Married. How exciting was that for you?

I sent Bethenny a diaper clutch before she had her baby and always watched her show hoping for just a glimpse of it.  The funny thing is I got so wrapped up in watching her show that night I didn’t even think about it until they were in the nursery.  I found myself looking for all my fellow mompreneur’s products as I have become very good at spotting them. At that moment I just happened to look on the corner of the screen at the dresser and spotted my clutch! Of course I yelled but it happened so fast that I stayed up late to watch the episode again just to make sure.  It was a really big moment for me I was really excited knowing that she had it in her nursery.  It was also a big moment that my son could see it on tv and know exactly what it was he was very excited and proud.

When it comes to choosing fabrics, what do you keep in mind? Is there a certain "look" that you go for?

I try to base my fabrics on the mothers that I am creating the clutches for.  I am a mom that never really liked using diaper bags in baby patterns or colors I wanted to be able to keep my style so I wanted something that looked like a purse not a diaper bag.  I just walk around fabric stores and look at fabrics I know what I want when I see it, it could be a pattern or color that catches my eye.  I do get requests for certain custom patterns so I am still in a position that I can make a custom bag to make a customer happy.

Has sewing something you have always loved to do? How long have you been sewing? 

I learned sewing in Jr. High School but didn’t really start sewing until 4 years ago.  I was a little rusty at it I took my mom’s sewing machine took out the manual and started reading.  Then I just taught myself how to start sewing again and made up all my own patterns.  I love sewing it actually relaxes me sometimes after a bad day I can just go grab some fabric and make something great.
What's up next for Prissy Designs?

I just created a new product called the Blankie Bundle – Blankie Carrier for Kids that has been added to my site.  I am also working on getting more PR for my company to boost business therefore I am looking for a backup seamstress that can help out with the sewing so I can devote more time to running my company.   And maybe one day see every celebrity mom carrying my diaper clutch! 

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