Friday, October 29, 2010

Obsession: Hank & JoJo Socks!

By Jenny Ford, Contributing Writer 

My kid is on the move…constantly.  Let me share a moment in my picture taking life with you.  I just tried shooting pics of the lil man and in about 2 minutes I have 45 pictures that are completely blurry because he doesn’t sit still.  I kid you not.  And you bet your bottom dollar that changing time is a wriggly, squirmy, flip-floppy mess too.  Sometimes it even takes two of us to get the kid dressed.  

Enter Hank & JoJo socks… these babies are EXTRA long (above the knee) tube socks which cover little chubber’s feet and legs, which is perfect when I cannot get him to sit still long enough for pants.  I let him cruise around with a tee, a diaper and the H&JJ socks – let all that thigh chub hang out (all while protecting his plump little knees while he crawls on the floor). Who would a thought to make socks that are longer??  This is brilliance!  No longer can my little man pull off his socks right after I put them on.  He gets bored of trying before they are even close (oh look – a squirrel!).  Plus, when I can get pants on the little guy, I know he’s got an extra layer on those little meaty legs on cold days.  CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Another beautiful thing about them?  They’re all made from bamboo.  Who knew you could make socks from bamboo?  And amidst that fact that they are saving the earth one pair of socks at a time by their giant list of eco-stuff and toxin-free, earth-hugging-friendly talk, they are actually a really great product.  I personally think they need to be given a Pulitzer, Emmy, Noble Peace Prize or whatever award it is they give to responsible companies who save the earth…one pair of socks at a time.

Whether Oscar knows it or not, he loves his retro baby tube socks.  I love them because they’re cute, cozy and he looks like he’s headed up to bat.  Mother Earth loves them because every pair is saving her (maybe even her feet).  Even the adorable and unique vintage lunch box style packaging can be recycled – AH-MAZING!

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