Monday, October 4, 2010

SUUU-Per OsCAAAR & Cutie Pa Tutus too!

By Jenny Ford, Contributing Writer

Faster than a speeding tricycle, more powerful than Thomas the Train, and able to leap tall stuffed animals in a single bound.  It’s SUUU-Per OsCAAAAR!  I’m completely infatuated with super hero stuff.  After living this long with two girls I guess it’s kinda the only thing I know (aside from cars and sports – booooring by my standards).  So I’m completely immersing my boy into becoming a super hero, he will totally thank me later when he’s saving a beautiful woman from a giant beast or scaling buildings on his hands and feet.

He has no clue, let’s face it.  The boy is 9 months old.  But this year for Halloween, like it or not, he's going to be SU-Per OsCAAAAR!  I’m also going to be planning a superhero 1st birthday party for him as well (honestly, his party is all about me anyway).  

How adorable is my little caped crusader in his Cutie PaTutus  (@Cutiepatutus) Super Hero cape & Super Hero outfit?  (I know, I’m completely partial)  When I opened the package I flipped out over how cute (and full of quality) this satiny cape is.  Oscar instantly came to the rescue and saved me from the tissue paper it was wrapped in, Phew, close call.  So of course, while he was sitting and playing quietly on the floor, I rushed to put it on him.  OOOOOOOOMGosh!   I melted, as he smiled and then he scooted off to save a kitty from a tree.  It was an instant hit.  

I know, maybe he’s not old enough to completely enjoy the affects of his Super Hero cape…yet (I will be pulling that baby out for the special occasions like Halloween and his birthday for now), so in the meantime, I’ve hung a special hook by his door to display it.  And who knows, maybe he crawls out of his crib in the middle of the night donning his new cape, saving stuffed animals and over-turned toy cars.  I can only believe he does, he is my baby boy by day and SUUU-Per OsCAAAAR whenever duty calls!!

Get your PERSONALIZED Cutie PaTutu’s Super Hero cape (or any of the amazing Super Hero clothing collection – tee shirts, masks, one pieces & boxers) for your brave little man (or girl too) for Halloween or maybe their birthday party.  I can guarantee it will be worn much more than just the special occasions.  

Cutie Pa Tutus is giving you Super Moms & Dads (and grandparents, aunties & uncles…etc) a 20% off discount with the code “SPRINKLES” until September 30.  Get your order in NOW! And did I tell you that this cape can be reversed to make a magicians cape, TU TU cute (sorry for the pun)!  I wonder if he can make his dirty diapers disappear?

Order quickly, since these babies are personalized one-by-one and can take 5 to 7 days to create.

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