Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A million and one uses......Mimi the Sardine Splash mat!

By Jenny Ford, Contributing Writer 

A splash mat?  What?  I swear when I put Oscar in his highchair more food goes on the floor (or my dog’s belly) than it does in his mouth.  He even does the wind-up before he pitches that chunk of peach right to the ground.  He’s destined for athletic greatness, I can feel it!

Enter the Mimi the Sardine Splash Mats, in the ever so male chic “Hybrid Cars” variety (pictured).  When I received this mat my head started spinning.  Oh the places it will go!  It’s not just a floor spill mat, it can be used on tabletops too.  Think ofthe artwork my little van Gogh can create on it…ERRR, throw across it.  Then I took it outdoors and thought, this will protect my little man from picking dog poo off the ground in the backyard – GENIUS!  He will have his own little waterproof (and poo-proof) mat to play on in the grass.  We can take it to the park for picnics, or put it in the playroom so he can run toys across it, or, or, or…..  There’s truly a million and one uses for this little mat, even though it says it’s for splashes.  The best part?  When he’s done with it I can throw it in the wash machine.  LOVE that!  It’s pretty much the only way things get clean around here.  (I wish someone would invent a whole house wash machine)

It’s so lightweight that I can be rolled up, tossed into the diaper bag and taken over to friends houses too.   As much as I enjoy making a mess of everyone else’s house, we might actually be invited back if I use the mat to keep things tidy.

I love that they call it “a 42”x42” insurance policy for your floor or table”.  I’d like to add to that “and your entire house, and the park, and the backyard and the playroom”.  Ok that’s it.

Not in the market for insurance?  Well they’ve got a TON of adorable, eco-friendly, products just waiting for you to snatch up on their website at www.mimithesardine.com.  I personally love their reusable lunch kits, aprons, bibs, and fancy shmancy regular sized coated tablecloths with sophisticated patterns to coordinate with your home décor!  Go get you some Mimi.

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