Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ah Goo Baby is SO Posh

The Plush Pad® by Ah Goo Baby® is anything but a pad. Above and beyond average, the multi-purpose memory foam surface is in a category all-its-own and brings comfort to any room and any place.

From Diaper Changes, Tummy Time to Infant/Parent Classes – we found it great to use on the go or around the room. You just can’t get enough!
Unlike other changing pads this product can be used all the time and we mean ALL. It isn’t comparable to any other products on the market; it is THAT plush for your posh tot.
WHY cupcake mag CRAVES the unique features:
  • SO SOFT! The thick memory foam cushion that relaxes the baby by molding your little ones curves and relieving her tiny pressure points; baby will relish the experience of being changed and won’t fight changing time. WE PROMISE.
  • MOMS love the fact that it is machine washable and water-resistant. Wash the cover much like a pillowcase whenever it needs cleaning (the memory foam insert can be easily removed prior to washing); how easy is that? We say pretty simple.
  • The Plush Pad® rolls open with no creases – no need to fiddle around.
  • Plenty of wiggle room (approx 2 ft x 2 ft) for the baby, yet ultimate portability to easily fit in one’s diaper bag, suitcase, or to store away when not being used.
So many ways The Plush Pad® can be used:
  • The Plush Pad® is used constantly (24/7) around the home; no need to run to the nursery for every change when you have The Plush Pad®;
  • Some use it as their only changing surface if they are looking to conserve space;
  • Leave it open during hotel stays for weeks at a time as a changing station;
  • Great for tummy time when baby begins to practice lifting themselves and general lounging/exercise for infant/parent classes;
  • Leave it at the grandparents for a comfortable change when they watch the grandkids;
  • Toss it in the back of the stroller or the car for a quick change while on the road;
  • Take it to beach or park, so baby can relax on a soft and cozy surface;
  • Replace the plastic/vinyl changing pad in one’s diaper bag with The Plush Pad®, for a really comfortable daily change for baby.
    Visit Ah Goo Baby now to get the oh so chic plush pad for your oh so posh babe! Available for just under $30 in 13 cute patterns; it’s hard to just choose ONE!
    Feel like you just need one now!? We have got you covered! Ah Goo Baby is offering ONE lucky Cupcake Mag reader a chance to fall in love with The Plush Pad. Take a peek at Ah Goo Baby, click on Gallery and let us know what style you MUST HAVE! As always, make sure you’re a follower of Cupcake Mag. Giveaway ends Friday at 6pm (EST).

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