Sunday, November 22, 2009

Craving a perfect Nap? You need The Nap Nanny

Photo Credit: Nap Nanny 2009
As any momma knows many babies can't or just won't sleep lying flat at some time in their infancy – reflux, colic, stuffy nose, gas, ear infections are all things that keep your little one from loosing shut eye and you too. Either that or they simply would rather snooze in a car seat, swing or be in a loved ones arms.
Four years in the making leave it to a sleep-deprived mompreneur (Sportscaster too) Leslie Gudel to develop her comfy, handy (and oh so stylish) patented revolutionary Nap Nanny sleep seat which launched in 2008. Leslie’s inspiration? To improve the quality of infant sleep by starting an environmentally-friendly company (CEO of Baby Matters, L.L.C) devoted to the health and comfort of families with small children. The Nap Nanny is applauded by parents (Cupcake Mag) and health care professionals nationwide.
After many little ones tested out the product we couldn’t wait to share just why we fell in love:
o Portable, lightweight, only 3lb! The Nap Nanny mimics the contours of a car seat (which all babies love) and has a safety harness that holds the child securely in place. It was easily carried from room-to-room.
o The Nap Nanny sits at a 30 degree angle at the top and is curved at the foot to form an upright cradle, which prevents sliding and helps with reflux, earache and stuffiness – all the things little babes seem to encounter the first few months of life when sleep is most important to moms and dads.
o The cover, available in 4 solid colors (Pink,Blue, Sage and Camel) is washable (always a plus) and “baby blanket soft”. The 4 new designer patterns are perfectly chic for modern mommas and was recently introduced just this September at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. We love the hip new patterns; Confetti Pink, Confetti Blue, Safari Giraffe and Yankee doodle. The Nap Nanny comes with one cover but other designs can be purchased separately and very mom friendly to change.
o Super high density foam made us want to nap on it – so super soft you may be surprised by how much sleep you will be getting!
o Got Twins? Our moms with multiplies found it a breeze when bottle feeding.
o A waterproof liner protects the sturdy Nap Nanny for greater longevity, which saves money for use one child after the next!
One fan is Tina Trumbo, of Alexandria, VA, who wrote, “Our daughter Anna has severe reflux. The first night we used [The Nap Nanny®] she slept all night [and] we were in shock. Thank you so much for drastically improving the quality of our little girl's life, and ours!”
Rushing to get it? We know! It can be purchased online at The Nap Nanny for $129.99 (plus shipping) and is available on or in specialty retailers nationwide.
Keep in mind for safety reasons The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nothing be placed in the crib other than the baby. The Nap Nanny is for floor use only. The Nappy Nanny is also designed for infants over 8 lbs., but stayed tuned for a “preemie version” that will be available soon.
Disclaimer: The Nap Nanny was Cupcake Mag tested and baby approved. We do not get paid to review this product, just like all the products we feature. This is just our opinion and review of the brilliant Nap Nanny.

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