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Top Picks from Prince Lionheart (plus a giveaway!)

At Cupcake Mag you will see that we share many things we just CAN NOT be without. We review many many many products and only share with you our TOP faves. Prince Lionheart is a classic brand that should be on everyone's must have list. Whether you already have little one's running around or your a new mommy to be making your registry - here are the TOP FIVE picks from a great company.

ONE: Wheely Bug

With quite a few awards under its belt the WHEELY BUG is just as cute as it sounds. It is great to cruise the sidewalks or ideal for indoors because it doesn't scratch smooth floors and runs quietly. The totally new concept to encourage gross motor skills is put to the test while having heaps of fun. It was an instant attraction to all our little girls and boys with it's bright, soft, friendly, unisex design. It is so light weight (small size only 4lbs) our little tots were toting them around. They loved the easy, unlimited mobility. It is a must for your little or a perfect gift as it is promised to be loved.


• Two sizes: Small for 1.5 yrs ($68) and Large for 3yrs ($78) • Tough PU covering, resistant to the inevitable “little accidents”, easy to clean. • Padded with a 1” layer of soft sponge. • Entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC. • Constructed with only the highest quality components. • Multidirectional castors, no more getting stuck against obstacles. • Plywood base made from renewable plantation timber.


If only all potty seats were this soft, cushiony and the ultimate comfort. Perfect for training time the removable bowl and deflector shield make for easy clean-up and we mean easy! We reviewed the pink pottyPOD and loved the hassle-free potty experience we just had to share. Not just hassle-free for you but also for your child as the rigid base with non-slip grip strips provides strength and stability. The pottyPOD makes the transition from a potty seat to a grown-up toilet seat an easy transition as it looks similar to a real toilet. We also LOVE that it grows with your child with a height adjustable base. Now how many potty’s do that?! The pottyPOD comes in three great pastel colors – green, blue and pink and retails for $46.

If you’re a clean freak like us here is an extra PLUS: It is also the ONLY Anti-Microbial potty on the market. It is treated with an EPA approved additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew.

THREE: bebePOD Plus

We used to be a fan of the well known Bumbo chair but not anymore. After reviewing the most adorable bebePOD Plus in Watermelon we couldn't compare the difference; yes, it was that much better. It is an essential and we mean ESSENTIAL for babies learning to sit. It is easy to use for both play time and feeding. Your little one goes from filling up to stimulating their senses through play in one great place. The plus comes with the well known cushiony pommel that easily removes with a twist at feeding time so the stylish tray (so modern) and placement of your choice can slide into place, creating a perfect space for mealtime. It comes it three fun vibrant colors – watermelon, kiwi and orange. It retails for $59.99.

WHY we CRAVE it:

· Tray for eating in style with two adorable placements

· Custom designed Sassy toy that affixes to the tray for playtime

· Optional Safety straps help ensure a safe and comfortable seating position

FOUR: Dresser Top Diaper Depot

You can’t be more organized as long as you have the Diaper Depot($15.99). The unique 3 in 1 changing station sits on your dresser making diaper changing safer, quicker and more convenient by providing everything at your fingertips. Whats not to love? It holds 16-18 large cloth or disposable diapers and wipes sit on the flat tray above. The two removable side bins come in handy to hold powders, lotions, ointments and more. It was great to have everything in one place and not searching for what you need while changing your little one.

FIVE: NEW Silicone Bottles

One of the best colic-reducing bottles. Period. Just wait until you use one, you will never go back to your old bottles. Prince Lionheart’s pure medical grade silicone bottles and nipples provide a safe, hypoallergenic way to feed baby. Unlike other harmful bottles, silicone is a natural material that has no open pores to harbor bacteria. Another plus – BPA, Phthalate, PVC latex and lead FREE! They were super easy to clean in the dishwasher and by hand and unbreakable in the microwave or freezer along with heat-resistant. If your little one has any problems with reflux, spit-up or colic these bottle help solve it all because of the one-way venting system that reduces the symptoms and also has been shown to reduce risk of middle ear infections – all things babies tend to get in the beginning of their life. If only we could have found these a few years ago when quite a few of our little ones battled reflux.

Bottle feeding couldn’t be much easier. Here is how it works:

• Slowly squeeze excess air out of bottle by pinching nipple while squeezing bottle until liquid level reaches top of nipple. Bottle will collapse as air is released.

• Most bottles with venting holes allow air into bottles as babies drink. Prince Lionheart’s SILICONE bottle collapses as air is released giving baby a bubble-free feeding, reducing the likelihood of colic, reflux and spit-up.


We want to give you the latest product from Prince Lionheart so we are offering 2 lucky winners two of the very latest Silicone Bottles (6 - 8oz Bottles). Retail value is $12.99 each!

Like always, become a follower of Cupcake Mag ( I am sure you already are!) and post a comment telling us what you LOVE about this product. Also, please visit Prince Lionheart’s facebook page and become a fan as an extra entry too! We will select a random winner by 6pm (EST) on November 4th! Start commenting now and good luck.

About Prince Lionheart, Inc.

Our story began humbly in 1973, when we crafted handmade rocking horses in our garage. We've moved out of the garage but, after three decades of innovation, we are proud Prince Lionheart is still family owned.

We are dedicated to providing today’s parents with a smart and responsible choice in baby products. We blend practical function with modern styling, fashion and beauty, while ensuring that all materials and processes used in their production are safe and protect the health of children and the environment.

All products have been Cupcake Mag tested and baby approved.

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