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Tori Spelling isn’t just a versatile actress with a career span over film, television and theater but most recently has been seen on her hit reality TV show that follows her life, “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood”. Just a few months ago, the season premiere was the most watch season debut and highest rated Oxygen original series ever, as it pulled in over half a million viewers. As many of you may know Spelling is best known for her roll as Donna Martin on “Beverly Hills 90210” – Spelling is now reprising her role as Donna in the CW spinoff series 90201 which started last September. In April 2009, Spelling published her second memoir Mommywood, a follow up to her New York Times bestseller sTori Telling. But Tori Spelling isn’t just an actress, writer and mom – she is also an accomplished jewelry designer and clothing designer. Her latest designs from “The Tori Spelling Collection” can be viewed exclusively on HSN and Little Maven, her new children’s line, inspired by her own little ones, just debuted this fall and is already selling out.


After many thanks for the amazing compliments, and congratulating me on my newest belly, CUPCAKE MAG'S one on one with Tori Spelling reminded us that celebrities are just regular human beings too! From being a mommy that manages it all to her new clothing line Little Maven - Tori answered all our questions with great pleasure.

Cupcake Mag: As a mother of 2 girls under the age of 6 and a third little one on the way, I was able to really relate to "Mommywood". You have a very busy life. How do you balance all of your responsibilities, both professional and personal?

Tori Spelling: It’s easy to juggle it all cause I know that my family comes first. With them as my focus and my rock I'm able to multi task. Everything I do is for my children and their future. But every endeavor I take on is time consuming yet a labor of passion. It’s all organic to me or my family.

CM: What brought you to designing your own children's line, Little Maven? What was important to you when designing?

T: Little Maven was 100% inspired by Liam and Stella. I love being a mom and I love fashion so the two together was an organic fit. As a style conscious mom I wanted to create clothes for my babes that were fun and stylish yet comfortable. Then it was important to me to make the line affordable for my mommy friends everywhere.

CM: What is behind the line's name?

T: I knew I always wanted to design and to be a part of the fashion world. I thought of the name Maven years ago and thought it encompassed the essence of a brand I wanted to create. Maven is all knowing about a certain subject. A STYLE maven is all knowing about the fashionista's lifestyle they want to encompass. So, a LITTLE MAVEN is a mini fashionista!

CM: What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a fashion line?

T: As with any business you venture into, it’s all about passion. I say fashion is my passion! You have to believe in your point of view a 100% yet you have to be able to know your customer! It’s a fun world and creating pieces you'd personally wear or in this case that I'd personally dress my own children in is really what it’s about. Always dream big and never compromise!

CM: Little Maven is by far budget friendly and affordable for many moms - was that a goal of yours?

T: I grew up in a very luxe lifestyle yet I knew from an early age that fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune to look good! I love people and especially moms and I love that thru my reality show and my books I now have mom fans/friends everywhere that can relate to me. So, it was VERY important to me to develop a line that was stylish without compromising comfortability or quality and that was also affordable to moms everywhere.

CM: Liam has such a cute rocker style and Stella is definitely a true fashionista already - If they aren't wearing Little Maven, what are some of your fave kid’s labels?

T: First of all I love that you GET my kids style! Made me smile. I also am a fan of Splendid, Ella Moss, Kingsley, Lucky, Gap, Paul Frank, C & C, Cynthia Vincent, and Target!

CM: You are already a superhero mom - with two NY times bestselling memoirs (we hope for another soon!), reprising your role as Donna Martin, an accomplished jewelry designer, reality show with millions of viewers, and now a kid's clothing line, what could possibly be up next for you?

T: I recently completed my 1st children's book. It'll be released Fall 2010. Very excited for that! That's one of my favorite times is story time with the kids! I also hope to create a women's fashion line soon as well!

CM: And lastly, what are your fashion obsessions of the moment?

T: As a style conscious mommy of 2 it’s all about affordable, quick, yet chic fashion! I love pops of color to complete an outfit. I'm into boots, belts, scarves, headbands, and metallic or jeweled toned flats.


In the Fall, Tori’s new children clothing line, Little Maven, hit stores this September, but she gave us a sneak peak at some items in the collection so stay tuned for Cupcake Mag's feature and photo shoot on trendy childrens clothing lines that we just can't get enough of!

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