Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obsession is VERY Addicting -- Our Obsession -- MOGO!

Addicted and Obsessed doesn't even
cover how fixated we feel about MOGO.
Just a few days ago we received the uber cute magnetic charm bracelets from MOGO & well, we haven't taken them off since we put them on; it is currently our deepest most prized possession. MOGO is anything but your grandmother's charm bracelet - it's truly a modern and original concept.
MOGO is a modern, artistic, & playful line of accessories that combines interchangeable charms, linkable Charmbands,and reusable packaging for a completely new take on the charm bracelet concept. We LOVE how you can link multiple Charmbands together to make necklaces, headbands, anklebands, wristbands, belts and even special occasion jewelry for your fabulous, furry friends. The possibilities are endless (so let your creative side run wild) with MOGO’s fully adjustable, high quality (and strong!) silver hook that latches onto any of the charmbands rivets. MOGO Charmbands come in five fashion forward colors - perfect for the accessory obsessed fashionista.
It doesn’t stop there! As for the charms - the fresh, fun, magnetic charms connect securely to the charmband rivets with a powerful "click", providing one-of-a-kind personal style. MOGO Charms come in funky & hip designs such as 'Groovy Love', 'Heart to Heart', 'Peace Time', 'Pet Pals', and 'Free Bird'. You can get packaged sets of 3 in a reusable tin that accommodates a Charmband at the bottom making it perfect for gift giving! We recommend stocking up because you will quickly fall in love with this line - we have no doubts!
The Charmband can also be personalized with fun, vibrant letter charms (sold individually) for endless opportunities in spelling words like LOL, BFF, - which is just OMG so perfect for ‘tweens’.
The tweens we know are so hard to shop for, but the fashionable, high quality and affordable (yes, very budget-friendly) MOGO Charmband and Charm set with tin make the perfect oh so chic holiday gift for under $30. We promise you'll want to snag one for yourself too!
The "must have" accessory for tween and chic moms is debuting in December (just in time for the Holiday season!) exclusively at Fred Segal, select Neiman Marcus stores and additional retailers nationwide after the first of the year.
Sidenote: One of our six year old product testers loved her MOGO Charmband and Charms so much she slept in it (and the charms didn’t budge)- definitely the perfect gift for any fashionista in your life.
The website, will be launching soon so keep checking back often!
*Disclaimer: MOGO is Cupcake Mag tested and fashionista approved. We do not get paid to review products. Just like all the products we feature, this is just our opinion (and review) on the brilliant MOGO products mentioned above.

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